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Covid-Proof Trade Show Booth Design


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Trade shows are coming back, are you ready

Covid-Proof Trade Show Booth Design

Vaccines are on the way and corporate travel bans will soon be a thing of the past – with that will come a resurgence of tradeshows and events. Months of social distancing and frustrating virtual shows that resulted in fewer leads have exhibitors and attendees craving face-to-face interaction. Are you ready to re-start your event marketing strategies? Don't wait for the last minute to get "show ready". We are available to help with plenty of creative ideas for a successful return to live events.

Here are some tips to get started.

How to exhibit post covid - promote sanitation, sanitizer stationshow to exhibit post covid - create safe zonesHow to exhibit post covid - space out your space, barriers, clear screens

Space it out
Make sure your guests have plenty of space to navigate your booth, while maintaining a safe distance. This does not mean downgrading your booth, but actually working on a more significant presence in your visuals. For example, floor graphics can help drive your message without clutter. You may also want to create a one-way traffic flow design.

Create safe zones
Engage with new and potential clients in designated spaces tailored for distancing guidelines. Various materials, shapes and sizes can be used to make barriers and partitions work with your branding expectations. Plus, don't forget to have a sanitizer station to help visitors feel protected.

Embrace hybrid
We know virtual events have not lived up to their hype, with low attendance and minor lead generation. But you can incorporate virtual booth staff with clever kiosks in your booth. They can provide interactive opportunities for a deeper dive into your product or services, so you can limit your actual in-floor staff.

Work around budget limitations
Cash may be tight, but its important to stand out at your next event. Small investments in graphic replacements or accessories may do the trick. Or perhaps try a rental option that can give you more time to plan for a future exhibit purchase.

Come back stronger! It's never too early to start planning your next live event. Our team of exhibit professionals are ready to guide you with unique solutions to your specific needs. And remember, you get two hours of free graphic design and free mock-ups of your booth, so you can buy with confidence.

Give us a call today to get started!

Trade show exhibits booth post covid - portable displays in 3 days

Trade show exhibits booth post covid - modular displays for rental or purchase

Trade show exhibits booth post covid - modular displays for rental or purchase with sanitizer stations and dividers