7 Products You Need For An Amazing Trade Show Booth

Are you exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow? If so, then you need to an eye-catching booth to attract the attention of potential customers. In fact, a well-designed booth can increase your performance dramatically. Therefore, consider including these 7 products at your tradeshow booth.

Custom Displays

First, a good booth looks unique and different from the rest of the exhibitors. To differentiate yourself, try using a custom display. This display can be personalized to your company with specific colors, images, and logos. Even better, you can work with a design team to determine the correct layout and backdrop for your area. This way, the display best fits the space you have at the venue. For example, if you are in the center, an island display may be preferred. However, if you are in between other booths, you will probably need an inline display.

Banner Stands

Once you have designed your display, you can consider investing in additional visual enhancements. Banner stands are a great option to create appeal and interest in your booth. They are also very cost effective. Many companies actually use these stands to highlight promotions or new products.

Portable Workstations

Another valuable tool for your trade show will be a portable workstation. This allows you to create an actual store-like environment in the booth. These workstations can function like a kiosk and allow you to stay organized and to function properly during a busy show. In fact, they can be assembled with the following useful tools:

  • Tables
  • Shelves
  • TV or computer mounts
  • Display cases
  • Storage cabinets
  • Literature holders
  • Headers


The size and complexity of a portable workstation will vary depending on your needs. Therefore, it is useful to work with a specialist to find the best option.


Trade Show FlooringIn addition to a workstation, you might also benefit from custom flooring. The traditional flooring in most venues is hard and visually unpleasant. Custom flooring, on the other hand, is more chic. When the right finish is chosen, the booth looks more cohesive. It also stands out better among the competition. Even better, there are a variety of flooring options to choose from. You can use carpet, foam tiles, or hardwood floors.

Table Covers

Many exhibitors also invest in table covers to increase the visual presentation of their space. This is an inexpensive addition that will make a big difference. You can choose basic table covers in a fun color, or you can have your logo printed on a table cover. Either way, your space will look more presentable and professional.

Literature Racks

Literature racks are also a great way to complete your tradeshow set up and help you to look organized and presentable. You can display product brochures, information guides, PR pamphlets, and sales guides on these racks. This eliminates the messiness of stacked paper. It also serves as another visual to attract attention.

Shipping Cases

Finally, make sure that you have shipping cases to store and send your products to and from the tradeshow venue. Good cases will ensure that each piece of your booth is protected and ready for the next big event.

With these 7 products, your booth is sure to stand out and perform properly at your next tradeshow.