H-Line Modular Fabric Displays by Panoramic

Adaptability is key to your brand staying on top of your industry. With the incredibly modular H-line series, you can reconfigure various optional modules so your booth configuration can change to fit each trade show venue. The Panoramic H-line's modules come in completely universal fabric panels that connect together.

The patented frame system allows for full color graphics that full cover the frame so there is no interruption in graphic messaging. The lightweight Aluminum frame structure is 100% recyclable and features solvent-free dyes.

Popular configurations – Many choices to make H-line your own.

Panoramic H-Line Fabric Modular Displays - let us help you choose the best panel module configuration

How does it work? – Universal interlocking modules combine to form limitless booth possibilities.

Why H-line Modular Displays?

All About the Visuals
Truly edge-less graphics thanks to innovative frame system. The Aluminum profile is completely hidden behind your full color, seamless graphics.

Adapt and Thrive
A proprietary, completely universal interlocking panel system means you can position your modules anywhere you want. No matter the layout of your venue space, your H-line kit gives you the confidence that your brand will look its best. Reconfigure the position of your modules to maximize their effect where traffic is highest.

Focused on Essentials
There's a module for every need. Whether you want to push brand communication, storage or messaging potential, there is a module for your goals. Within each module type there is further customization options. Want to add dynamic screens to your booth? Why not a screen and a shelf for an accompanying product or headset placement. A counter is a great functional presentation tool, but adding a vibrant Lightbox feature

Be Creative
Distinguish your company by creating your own custom graphic or use our database of colors and patterns specifically chosen for Panoramic h-line. Put a part of yourself in your booth!

Clever and Simple
Panoramic h-line requires zero technical expertise and is set-up without the use of tools. Set-up up the booth yourself, or with our assistance. Standard modules do not exceed a weight of 19 lbs. Set-up for a 20’ x 10’ booth takes less than 1 hour for 1 person.

Universal Panel System

The innovative H-line system allows for any module you want to fit against any other module. This allows you to customize the same fabric panel modules for each venue your team attends. Small spaces, corner booths, or larger set ups can all be achieved without ever needing a separate display.

"This is too good to be true. How do we get started?"

Getting started with H-line is easy! – Call us today for a customized quote.

Panoramic H-Line Fabric Modular Displays

Our team of exhibit professionals is on hand to guide you to your perfect H-line booth. We can recommend modules that fit within your goals and budget. Just give us a call at 866-577-DEAL or fill out the form below so we may reach you.

Browse our recommended Panoramic H-line Packages

Start with a basic package and let your imagination run wild with full customization. Swap out any of these standard modules for upgrades light TV mounts, arches, light boxes, counters and shelving. For an all inclusive package with great networking opportunity we recommend 20ft Kit 11.

Imagine limitless possibilities with H-line

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