15 Conversation starters for your next Trade Show

Regardless of whether you're about to work your first trade show or you’ve manned dozens of booths by now, coming up with a compelling way to get people to stop and see what you have to offer can be a challenge.

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Touchless Technology for Exhibit Success

This information is provided by, providing the latest information on new trade show technologies so your trade show booth is the best it can be If you are looking for a truly unique way to engage visitors to your events, touchless technology might be just the right solution. Using the latest technology in gesture-driven interface you can make any touchscreen device a way to engageend users, customers, and clients.For example, these interactive systems allow booth visitors to request literature and provide contact information just with a wave of their arms.

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The mew Frontier Of Exhibit Design Technology

In an effort to bring our customers cutting edge technology information for their trade show marketing success, presents this article on an exciting new marketing tool: holographic imagery.

The Exhibit Deal team is proud to make available one of the hottest, most talked about display systems on the market today.The PhotonHolosignwas given a prestigious Buyers’ Choice award at the EXHIBITOR 2013 convention in Las Vegas.This system brings cutting edge 3D projection and display technology into your exhibit space.This is the same technology used in amusement parks, concert venues, museums, and other crowd-oriented spaces.A 3D sign adds a unique dimension to existing presentation designs and greatly enhances booth visitor engagement. In summary, they become real “people magnets” to maximize the lead generation at your events.

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7 Products You Need For An Amazing Trade Show Booth

Are you exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow? If so, then you need to an eye-catching booth to attract the attention of potential customers. In fact, a well-designed booth can increase your performance dramatically. Therefore, consider including these 7 products at your tradeshow booth.

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Tips For The Best Tradeshow Booth Design

If you are exhibiting at an upcoming tradeshow, you need an amazing booth design that will enhance your presentation and help you to be more productive.The following suggestions are helpful tips to ensure that your space looks the best

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