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Holography: The New Frontier Of Exhibit Design Technology

In an effort to bring our customers cutting edge technology information for their trade show marketing success, presents this article on an exciting new marketing tool: holographic imagery.

The Exhibit Deal team is proud to make available one of the hottest, most talked about display systems on the market today.The PhotonHolosignwas given a prestigious Buyers' Choice award at the EXHIBITOR 2013 convention in Las Vegas.This system brings cutting edge 3D projection and display technology into your exhibit space.This is the same technology used in amusement parks, concert venues, museums, and other crowd-oriented spaces.A 3D sign adds a unique dimension to existing presentation designs and greatly enhances booth visitor engagement. In summary, they become real "people magnets" to maximize the lead generation at your events.

What is the PhotonHolosign?

The PhotonHolosign is a new display system that brings the revolutionary PhotonOpticon technology to you in one convenient turnkey package.PhotonOpticon creates an image that appears holographic and three dimensional when projected on a flat transparent screen. This image can be manipulated in many ways; the degree of transparency can be adjusted to create ghostly images or images that look almost solid.The projected images appear suspended in midair, allowing for seamless viewing from all directions.

Video and Audio Features

The hologram-like image is created by a series of video images projected onto the transparent screen; the varying degrees of translucency of these multiple projections create an image that's textured and lifelike.In addition to the text and static images that existing 3D holographic signs are capable of displaying, the PhotonHolosign can display moving images.Live action video and animation can be displayed with an astonishing degree of clarity.

Unlike other holographic displays on the market, the PhotonHolosign system is able to sync audio and video which gives the images the capability to move and speak at the same time.This brings the interactive capacity of this technology to a whole new level.Prerecorded human instructors can introduce products, direct visitors, and otherwise engage audience members.

Putting Your New PhotonHolosign to Work

If your interested in the PhotonHolosign system, ExhibitDeal can help you with find the right solution. This system arrives ready to use; there are no additional elements that need purchased before your new sign can be used.The turnkey system comes complete with:

  • Computer
  • System software
  • Projector
  • Projection screen
  • Mounting hardware

The entire system is lightweight and easy to transport and assemble.Compact system components make the most of the space available so you don't need to sacrifice valuable exhibit floor space to unnecessary technical elements.Modular components allow you to arrange your PhotonHolosign the way you want to.There are virtually no moving parts so future maintenance needs are all but eliminated.

Adding visual elements into the display system is a simple matter.The user-friendly interface allows you to change the displayed image instantly.Imported images and videos are rendered into three dimensions in seconds before being projected; there is no need to edit or transform any of your current marketing images.

All People Vision FX systems are upwardly compatible, which means they can be upgraded as new technology is developed.You won't be forced to replace the entire system when new innovations are made available; you can upgrade the necessary components when you're ready and can continue using your existing system until then.The investment you make today will continue to pay off for many years to come.

Call one of our exhibit experts today to configure the best solution for your specific requirements.