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Touchless Technology for Exhibit Success

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If you are looking for a truly unique way to engage visitors to your events, touchless technology might be just the right solution. Using the latest technology in gesture-driven interface you can make any touchscreen device a way to engageend users, customers, and clients.For example, these interactive systems allow booth visitors to request literature and provide contact information just with a wave of their arms.

A New Dimension of Technology Interaction

Though touch screen technology has come a long way there are a few concerns that have long held back the wider use of these devices in exhibit spaces.Specifically, operators and staff members have had to carefully maintain the surface of touch screens in order to keep them ready for use.The accumulation of dust, oil, and grime prevented smooth screen operation and led to less audience interaction.We're happy to offer the perfect solution to this age-old problem: TouchlesseLit devices.

Instead of touching the screen's interface, users interact with a TouchlesseLit device through a gesture-based interface; this bypasses the need for physical contact between the user and the device.Gestures made within the sensor field are instantly relied to the touch screen device in use.TouchlesseLit technology is compatible with current touch screen devices; all familiar manipulations can be used.The need for constant cleaning and upkeep is all but eliminated.Touchless, gesture-based touch screens excite and engage display visitors like never before.

Advantages in Literature Distribution

These pioneering software packages and devices have increased meaningful interaction between companies and the customers they serve.It's now possible to distribute paperless product information through a digital distribution system.This single source system allows for faster and more precise control by the distributing agency.Updates, product announcements, user manuals, and other materials are sent out from a central hub and can be distributed instantly over the Internet and made available directly to your client base.Powerful analytics tools help you target your materials and work with greater efficiency.

Adobe Acrobat files (.pdf) remain an industry standard and have done much to make digital information more widely accessible – but there's no need to stop there.TouchlesseLitallows you to distribute video, interactive documents, 3D animation, and much more.All eLit media and digital information is supported by dozens of current computer platforms, including the Apple iPad.

Cutting Edge Data Analytics

Another advantage of eLit systems is its native data analytics tools.The media deployed through the eLit system can be used to build charts, graphs, and tables of useful information regarding sales and usage.You can track booth activity in the display environment and determine the average length of each visitor's stay.Data can then be exported to spreadsheets and other management programs.These analytics give an unprecedented look at market activity and allows for more accurate forecasts and planning.

Additional Touch Screen Applications

Touch screens have always offered novel forms of interaction and with the new advances made in the field you can bring entirely new methods of engagement into your exhibit space.Presentations can run on gesture-based touch screens and be manipulated by booth visitors and staff.You can also put the analytics tools to work and allow data capture to take place while you continue to engage with your visitors.The touchless interaction can also be used as an alternative to traditional forms of lead retrieval.

The TouchlesseLit system revitalizes the booth experience for both you and your visitors.The interface gives you access to valuable data analytics and control options to enhance your space even further.

We can help you add this exciting new technology to your upcoming exhibit, contact us to learn more.